Meeting minutes December 2018

Present: Board Members: Mike Esposito, Bob Scott (via phone), Derek Cluse (left 8:15), Carol Lewis and Jeff Pudelski.

Absent: Aaron Smith

Aries Management Corporation Representative: Tom Basalla, Judi Thomas

Homeowners – 6

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 AM by President Esposito at the Eaton Estate

Community Center.

Minutes – November

Carol Lewis moved to approve the November Regular Session meeting minutes. Jeff Pudelski seconded motion. All in favor, motion carried. Carol Lewis moved to approve the November Executive Session minutes. Derek Cluse seconded motion. All in favor, motion carried.

Presidents Report

Mike Esposito reported that the streets signs are going up. The 7th draft of the Amendments is completed and the Board will have a community meeting to answer questions and then a Special Meeting to vote.

Treasurers Report- November

Derek Cluse provided an overview of the Income and Expenses through the end of November and amount of funds in the Operating and Reserve Fund is $181,536; Reserves $158,873.

He reported he worked with management pm the 2019 budget.

Administrative and Management Reports

Tom Basalla updated the Board on the status of projects, violations and administrative reports.

Old Business


New Business

Interior & Exterior Painting of Community Center

Carol Lewis made a motion to approve Quality Coatings, second by Bob Scott. All in favor.

Motion carried.

Community Center Carpet Replacement

 Charmin Carmen’s = $3,551.36

 The Floor Show = $6,998.53

 Carpet Country = $4,124.55 (carpet), $6,372.44 (carpet tiles)

No action taken. The Board requested a quote for laminate type flooring also.

January 2019 Newsletter draft

Draft was approved adding the January 14 informational meeting and January 28 vote on


Caroling/Christmas Lighting contest

Bob Scott reported on the event. Carolers will meet at Eaton and Troubadour on December 16 for caroling. Homeowners can vote on lighting.

Motion by Jeff Pudelski, second by Carol Lewis to allow up to $100 for award ribbons and any other event items.

Mottl Reserve

Carol Lewis reported that all approvals have gone through the Township. Drees Homes will be building the homes.


Waterway – no report

Pool/Swim Team

No report


288 Seiberling- Request for Seiberling Sign Panel

Carol Lewis made a motion to approve the request for Seiberling sign panel, second by Jeff Pudelski; all in favor. Motion carried.

Community Forum

The homeowner at 8848 Eaton reported on problems with drainage from other yards and asked what could be done. Tom Basalla from Aries Management will check into what options he may have.

Jan Silvey reminded everyone that you cannot go onto private property for fishing, if the amendment passes.


 Playground Resurfacing

 Replacement Evergreens on Seiberling by Creekside

 Plaster Finish- Pool Bottom Diamond Brite = $39,025.00 (American Pool) tabled until



A motion was made to adjourn to Executive Session at 8:53 am. The next regular Board meeting is January 12.


__________________________________ _________________________________

Mike Esposito, President J.B. Thomas, Acting Recording Secretary


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