Meeting Minutes. July 2019

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Present: Board Members: Mike Esposito, Carol Lewis, Bill Ryan, Anthony Simmons, Jeff Pudelski, Derek Cluse (8:30); Aries Management Corporation Representative: Tom Basalla, Judi Thomas

Absent: Leo Kipfstuhl

Homeowners – 6

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:04 AM by President Esposito at the Eaton Estate Community Center.

Minutes – June

Jeff Pudelski moved to approve the June Regular Session meeting minutes as amended to show Anthony Simmons present at the June meeting. Anthony Simmons seconded motion. All in favor, motion carried.

Anthony Simmons moved to approve the July Executive Session meeting minutes as written. Bill Ryan seconded motion. All in favor, motion carried.

Presidents Report

President Esposito reported pool operations are back up. Hastings WaterWorks was hired to do repairs and maintenance. American Pool is still responsible for the Lifeguard contract. It has been reported there have been some issues with some guards and it was been referred to American Pool to handle. There was a substantial difference in the cost of guard staffing between American Pool and Hastings.

The Board is looking into keeping the pool open on the weekends in September and received a quote from American Pool. Motion by Bill Ryan to approve 3 additional weekends in September, after Labor Day, not to exceed $1,900 per weekend. Second by Jeff Pudelski. All in favor. Motion carried.

Kaman and Cusimano has been asked to submit a quote to retype the Declaration and Bylaws, including the amendments in the areas of the documents that they affect. In this way there will be a clean copy with amendments included instead of added separately.

Treasurers Report- June

Derek Cluse had not arrived at this portion of the meeting, but did review the financials later in the meeting as follows:

Income to date - $421,250


Professional Services - $26,500

Administrative Expenses - $11,775

Operating – 19,625

Utilities - $11,849.96

Maintenance - $37,052.52

Landscaping - $25,750

Pool - $26,750

Snowplowing - $5,700

Transfer to Reserves - $94,850

Total Expenses - $258,912.53

Net Income - $162,337.45

Operating Cash - $38,199.65

Wealth Management (operating acct) - $311,134.53

Reserve Fund - $202,653.42

Administrative and Management Reports


Old Business

Carol Lewis- Association Amendments

Township actions relative to Association Amendments- request to add verbiage to Eaton Estate website. The Board unanimously agreed to have it posted.

New Business

Quote from Contract Furnishings for 12 Pool Chaises

Jeff Pudelski moved to approve the quote for 12 pool chaises. Carol Lewis seconded the motion. All in favor, motion carried.

Suncrest – Tree replacement – Continental Dr. Island

Tabled until other bids come in.

Common Sidewalk leveling – RC Concrete (20 slabs $1000); R.Greene (24 slabs $1900)

An additional quote from Level Up to be obtained. Motion by Mike Esposito to approve concrete leveling using the lowest quote between R. Green and Level Up. Second by Carol Lewis. All in favor. Motion carried.



Per Jan Silvey, the Waterway Committee planned to meet when Leo Kipfstuhl returns from vacation. Tom Basalla reported that questions were sent to Dave Koontz at Summit County regarding the drainage maintenance fund and what if a portion can be used in the Eaton Estate.

Pool/Swim Team



· Jack Szeremet – Boy Scouts

· Joan Moore (328 Pineo) – Lifeguard complaint

· Laurie Gadoury (4669 Squire) – Lifeguard complaint

· Tim Arbutina (153 Seiberling) – Pool complaint

· Bob Scott (8083 Augusta) – Sidewalk Standards

· Bob Scott (8083 Augusta) – NEORSD submission

Community Forum

· Bob Scott asked the Board to review the Declaration regarding the requirement for maintenance of street trees, sidewalks and lights. He also reported that the pool has a scum line which needs to be cleaned.

· Jan Silvey asked about the “No Fishing” signs for the condos.

· Bob Scott said that a life preserver is needed at the pond if fishing is permitted per prior insurance carrier. New carrier will be contacted to confirm.


Playground Resurfacing


Bill Ryan motioned, Derek Cluse seconded to adjourn to Executive Session at 8:55 AM.

The next regular Board meeting is August 10.


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Mike Esposito, President J.B. Thomas, Acting Recording Secretary


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