Meeting minutes May 2018

Present: Board Members: Mike Esposito, Derek Cluse, Kara Ninham, Bob Scott, Aaron Smith and Myron Evans

Absent: Andrew Krestel

Aries Management Corporation Representative: Judi Thomas, Tom Basalla; Homeowners - 8

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM by President Esposito at the Eaton Estate

Community Center.

Minutes – April

Bob Scott moved to approve the April regular session meeting minutes. Kara Ninham

seconded motion. All in favor, motion carried. Bob Scott moved to approve the April executive session minutes. Myron Evans seconded motion. All in favor, motion carried.

Presidents Report

Mike Esposito reported that the tree replacements at the Community Center were completed. He also had discussions with Jeff Snell, Sagamore Hills Township attorney, regarding the street sign agreement.

Treasurers Report- April

Derek Cluse reviewed the April financial report and handed out a summary report.

Administrative and Management Reports. Tom Basalla updated the Board on the status of violations, projects and administrative reports.

Old Business - none

New Business

NEORSD Recertification

Tom Basalla reported that NEORSD indicated they wouldn’t make a decision about whether the Eaton basins would be considered “regional”. Bob Scott asked if the Association could submit last years form. Tom Basalla explained that the first year was automatically allowed, but future years required inspections and reports would be necessary. A quote will be requested for doing the required inspections.

Street Sign Quote

The quote was submitted for replacement of 10 street signs by A Sign Above. No action was taken at this time.

Update DVR

A quote was submitted by Geauga Alarm to update the DVR system at the Community Center. The system constantly is recording and overwriting. Bob Scott asked to review the system to see if he could make any suggestions. No action taken at this time.


Aaron Smith submitted a quote from Tower City Interactive for an updated website. After discussion, Myron Evans made a motion to authorize Aaron Smith and Bob Scott to have a website designed, with the cost not to exceed $2000, second by Kara Ninham. All in favor.

Motion carried.

Trash Cans

Bob Scott suggested that trash cans be placed at the four (4) entrances to the paths near the streets. He is checking to see if the trash hauler will pick them up. Mike Esposito voiced concerns that with more trash cans there would be more mess and animals would get into it.

Movie Night

Bob Scott suggested that the Social fund be used to have a movie night at the pool, keeping the pool open until 11 pm. He will put a plan together.

Architectural Review

Bob Scott noted that there are currently no Board members on the Architectural Review

Committee (ARC) . He would like it brought up at the annual meeting to get volunteers. Kara Ninham suggested a sign up sheet for ARC and the Waterway Committees.


Waterway – no report

Pool/Swim Team

Swim Team Meet Schedule – Michele Bzadfka has not heard back from the other team

scheduled for July 3 to reschedule to another date.



Parkside HOA – Storm Cleanup - 8713

The Board reviewed a letter from a homeowner with a reply by the Parkside Board.

8681 Parkside – request to plant 6 spruce trees on Eaton Common area due to storm

Aaron Smith made a motion to approve, second by Bob Scott. All in favor. Motion carried.

4877 Squire Drive – debris under power lines

The Board reviewed a correspondence from the owner regarding the Earth Day cleanup of debris by the power lines. They asked how the area would be kept clear of debris. There was discussion regarding the windy weather on a trash day that caused much of that debris. The owner will be advised to notify management should there be more trash in the area.

Community Forum

Janet Baumgartner reported that Suncrest is not mowing at the end of Alliance and not

trimming under the fence along Houghton. Suncrest will be notified. She also inquired when the silt fence and bales of hay be removed at Hidden Ridge. Management will contact Kraftech.

Michelle Bzadfka made a suggestion that the Board consider adding a sand volley ball court or basketball courts.

Kara Ninham reported that a resident had a broken water line and neither the Township nor the water Dept. are doing anything about it. Bob Scott suggested they contact the Mayor of Cleveland.


Playground Resurfacing


Trash Enclosure


Bob Scott made a motion to adjourn to Executive session at 9:00 am, second by Myron Evans.

Motion carried.

The next regular Board meeting is June 16.


__________________________________ _________________________________

Mike Esposito, President Aaron Smith, Secretary


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