Meeting minutes August 2018

Present: Board Members: Mike Esposito, Bob Scott, Aaron Smith Carol Lewis and Jeffrey Pudelski.

Absent: Derek Cluse, Myron Evans

Aries Management Corporation Representative: Tom Basalla, Judi Thomas

Homeowners – 4

Guest – 1 (Brian Bell – American Pool)

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM by President Esposito at the Eaton Estate

Community Center.

Minutes – July

Bob Scott moved to approve the July Regular Session meeting minutes. Aaron Smith

seconded motion. All in favor, motion carried.

Aaron Smith moved to approve the July Executive Session minutes. Carol Lewis seconded motion. All in favor, motion carried.

Presidents Report

Mike Esposito reported that the new pool heater has been installed and is operating. Brian Bell from American Pool is in attendance to discuss some pool issues, but in general all is going well. The Board has come to an agreement with the township regarding street sign replacement, which will be done in two phases.

Treasurers Report- July

Derek Cluse was not in attendance so there was no July report.

Administrative and Management Reports

Tom Basalla updated the Board on the status of projects and administrative reports.

Old Business

Update DVR

An updated quote was received from Geauga Alarm. Action has been tabled in order to obtain other quotes.


Aaron Smith e-mailed information with a quote he received. No action taken at this time.

Trash Enclosure

None of the additional contractors that have been contacted have responded to the Request for Quote as yet. Tom Basalla suggested that in the meantime, the existing enclosure should be repaired and the second parking stall striped off so no one parks in front of it.

New Business

LED Sign

The company contacted to quote a new LED style sign at the entrance to the Community

Center was advised by Ray Fantozzi, the Zoning Inspector for Sagamore Hills Township that no illuminated signs are permitted in the Township. Tom Basalla has contacted A Sign Above for a replacement static sign.

Mike Esposito requested Tom Basalla contact the Township to see if they will reconsider.


Waterway – no report

Pool/Swim Team

American Pool – Brian Bell

President Mike Esposito noted that there have been some issues with supervision at the pool. Brian Bell reported that they have discussed concerns with the Guards. Mike Esposito stated that by and large the Guards have been doing a good job. He also wanted to be assured that there will be coverage through Labor Day and Brian Bell stated it would. Brian Bell also recommend swapping out the motor that is in stock, for next year.

Mike Esposito reminded him that when they see something that needs to be done, they

should submit their recommendations, and quote, to Board and be proactive. Jeff Pudelski agreed that everything should be in place well before the pool opens for the season.

Aaron Smith asked what their procedure was for an equipment audit. Brian Bell answered that the heater can’t be run or checked until the pool begins filtering, but do a check of other systems in March and April. They will review the equipment this fall and give a breakdown of the equipment and its condition.

Jeff Pudelski reminded them that when the pool is shut down, the bolts, that have sharp edges up under the mushroom should be cut off flush.

Brian Bell was told that any issues should be brought to the attention of the management company. If homeowners call American Pool directly, American Pool should also notify the management company.

Guards have the authority to require residents to leave if they are in violation of the rules such as having alcohol or glass in the pool area, or any safety issues. The Guards should call the Police if the resident is not cooperative.


414 Houghton – K. Chernisky – Pool concerns

8471 Waterside – M. Pendleton – Goose fence. Tom Basalla noted that the securing of the fence is an ongoing maintenance item and has been done once this year thus far.

Community Forum

John Martin, Waterside stated that he noticed the pond treatment company may have knocked down part of the fence. He asked what would be done with the fallen trees in the pond. Aqua Doc was sent photos to see if they could take care of them. He also asked about the status of the swale between Waterside and Villas I.

Tom Basalla reported there still needs to be some touch up work and reseeding. The contractor has not invoiced for the work as yet.

Joe Candio, 531 Republic, stated there was a section of swale between his property and his neighbors that is still above the drains. He said he would take care of it himself if the Board would approve. Mike Esposito said to contact Tom to discuss.

Kriss Olsen, 8508 Creekside, installed a fence and got a violation letter and wanted to discuss with the Board. She was referred to the Architectural Committee. They are reviewing.

Bob Scott requested quotes for 4 benches to be installed along the trail entrance.


Playground Resurfacing


Bob Scott made a motion to adjourn to Executive session at 8:53 am, second by Aaron Smith.

The next regular Board meeting is September 8.


__________________________________ _________________________________

Mike Esposito, President Aaron Smith, Secretary


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