Meeting minutes October 2018

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

The Eaton Estate Board of Directors held its monthly meeting on Saturday, Oct. 13, at 8 a.m. in the Community Center.

Meeting summary

• Language was approved for several amendments which are being proposed as additions or revisions to our existing bylaws and covenants. Adoptions of these amendments will require majority approval by voting residents at a special meeting (in person or via proxy) that will be scheduled for early December. Complete details and an invitation to this meeting will be provided to all homeowners by mail in early November. Be on the lookout for this mailer and make sure your voice is hear by voting!

• Dead trees will be replaced in cul-de-sacs on Continental Dr., St. Lawrence Cir. and Wilson Court

• The project to replace all street signs in Eaton Estate (reflective white placards on black metal posts) will begin in 4-6 weeks and should be complete by early 2019, weather permitting.

• New benches will be installed at six trailheads, including Acadia Dr., Augusta Ln., Eaton Dr., Troubadour Dr., Seiberling Dr. and Squire Dr.

• Approval was granted to a homeowner wishing to install a metal roof on his home. Current covenants provide no restrictions on roofing materials.

• The board heard and addressed comments from community members regarding several issues, including replacement of the pool heater (which was completed in July), the process for voting on new amendments, the process for filling the board’s open at-large seat (see below) and last month’s adoption of a Code of Conduct. update As part of the project to update the website (approved in September) the web domain will be transferred to a new hosting service, which will temporarily disable the site. Until the new site is launched (TBD), any necessary community updates will be shared via email blast.

Open board seat – now accepting applicants One of the board’s at-large positions was recently vacated, so the board is seeking a resident to join and complete the remainder of the former member’s term (up for re-election in May 2019).

If you’re interested in joining, please send a brief cover letter and/or a copy of your resume to

All candidates will be asked to attend the November meeting to formally apply in-person, after which the board will hold a discussion and vote to select the new member. Keep those catch basins & storm drains clean It’s that time of year when the leaves start falling and collecting themselves in low spots.

At Eaton Estate, this often means in and around catch basins and closed storm drains. If you have a basin or drain on your property please make sure it remains clear of debris.

Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. Otherwise, your yard, and those of your neighbors, are at risk of flooding as fall rain makes way for winter snow. Join us! Board meetings are held the second Saturday of each month at 8 a.m. in the Community Center.

All residents are invited and encouraged to attend. If you’re unable to attend, but have questions or concerns you’d like brought to the board’s attention, please send an email to

The next meeting is Saturday, Nov. 10. Hope to see you soon! Michael Esposito, President Bob Scott, Vice President Derek Cluse, Treasurer Aaron Smith, Secretary Carol Lewis Jeff Pudelski


The Eaton Estate Community is located in Sagamore Hills, OH. It is a recreational community with more than 1,100 homes.

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