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Provide your input on the rules we should set for Purchase Orders

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  • We should not do this at all.
  • Purchases over 100.00 require a PO
  • Purchases over 500.00 require a PO
  • Purchases over 1000.00 require a PO
  • Purchases over 2000.00 require a PO
  • All purchases require a PO
  • Other, comments below
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    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    Based on suggestions from Tim Balis, I would like to work with Coral to institute a Purchase Order system in which purchases over a determined dollar amount require a purchase order, approved by the Treasurer, and all invoices must be linked to that PO before paid to ensure we have accurate cost tracking.

    Michael EspositoMichael Esposito

    Chris: This already actually exists in some form. Aries used to be able to make purchases up to a certain amount without having to go through and get Board approval. It certainly streamlined things. I don’t know if this is being followed consistently anymore as it seems like we are getting more formal requests for them to authorize stuff, but I could be wrong on that. Derek might know the expense threshold…. If we can figure out what it was, we may just need to reiterate that to them or alternatively look at the amount and make sure that still works.

    Jeffrey PudelskiJeffrey Pudelski

    To both your points. There is a threshold in place. We did in fact tighten it down when Coral came into the picture.

    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    Good to know. We should figure that threshold. What I’m more getting at here is some form of formal document for these purchases that they correlate invoices to so there is a mapping. PO# XYZ was authorized for 20,000.00 to do project ABC. Invoices get mapped, we have clean accounting for the approval of the spend to the invoices that go to it.

    Anthony SimmonsAnthony Simmons

    Chris I agree as far as a method to track and I also agree with the others that they already have this approved. Communication is important so let’s do what we need to do to get with Rebecca to learn corals understanding of the process.

    In my opinion Rebecca/Coral seem to rely on poor communication to always have a way to justify why something was not done. Im even seeing scenarios where meeting minutes are not accurate so it gives them an out later to again have an excuse as to why something we requested or approved was not completely in a timely manner if at all.


    What I like to see is a description of each POs. Last month I saw in the ledger that we paid $xxxx for PO 1234. What work or services did work did PO 1234 cover? Last summer both Mike and I were frustrated by the length of time it took Coral to do some work so we simply did it ourselves. Then their handyman claimed that he did the work that Mike and I did and billed us for his time. Since then, I do not trust them on billing us. I want to see what work they claim was done so I can verify that it was truly completed.

    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    A agree completely, Scott. That is what a PO system would do for us. When work is to be completed, PO 1234 is issued for specific work. Coral then would have to tie invoices to that PO, thus, that work.

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