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Would you be interested in seeing pickleball courts added to Eaton Estates by the pool/community center?

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    Shawn MarksShawn Marks

    Hi there,

    We moved in to the neighborhood in October of 2021 and would love to see some pickleball courts come to the neighborhood. We currently drive over to Twinsburg to play outside on nice days. I can’t recall a time of seeing our tennis courts fully utilized and most times they look empty even on nice days. I was just curious if any residents here felt the same way or if discussions around this topic had ever come up before our time here?

    I know it’s possible to paint additional lines on a tennis court to allow for a couple pickleball courts while not removing the tennis capability from existing courts.

    Pickleball has really exploded in the last couple of years and we would love to be able to make use of the existing court space to make it more functional for use beyond just tennis.

    Thank you,
    Shawn Marks


    The Board is planning to adding Pickleball court lines to one or both courts when we redo the court surfaces, maybe later on this year. Not sure of the timing right now. There is a high interest in pickleball and adding lines will not add to the cost that much when we resurface the court. As of now, we are not planning on reducing the heighten of the nets to the regulation pickleball height. Dropping the nets down a few inches will cost thousands of dollars.
    Scott Williams
    Board Member

    Shawn MarksShawn Marks

    Thanks Scott, glad to hear it. I figured I couldn’t be the first to raise the topic with how popular Pickleball has gotten as of the last few years and how often the tennis courts seem to be empty as-is. Will be great to get some use out of them once they are resurfaced!



    We are having our monthly meeting tonight at the Community Center by the pool at 7pm. I will get more details on the plan resurfacing on the court. If you like, any resident is more than welcome to attend and raise any issue or get the latest news on the community.

    Michele ProspalMichele Prospal

    What is the latest on the pickleball courts


    Great timing. I am at our monthly meeting and we just passed to have lines painted for pickle ball before the season starts. So hopefully we should have lines for pickle ball in a month or so.

    Scott Williams


    We have painted the pickle ball court lines on the courts and you can start playing. Enjoy and have a great summer playing.

    Tell everyone about the new pickleball courts,

    Scott Williams

    Danielle BerrisDanielle Berris

    I mentioned this to Chris on Nextdoor, but something you may want to consider is to buy moveable pickleball nets. When you resurface, you can paint two pickleball courts on one tennis court (one on each side of the net) and use the moveable pickleball nets that are the appropriate height. I am a member at Paramount Tennis Club in Medina and this is how they have utilized their existing tennis courts for pickleball. It allows for two pickleball matches to use one court while allowing the other court to be utilized for tennis. This is a good visualization of what I’m talking about: https://sportsinstaller.com/2020/10/29/pickleball-lines-and-layouts/#jp-carousel-1295


    So, what happened to resurfacing? Pickleball lines were just painted over the cracked and pitted courts. One of the reasons people do not use the courts is that they are in such terrible condition. There are areas that are really not even safe at this point.

    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    The resurfacing of the court is in the works. It’s a large expense that has to be planned for. We chose to paint the lines on the current surface, rather than wait, in order to get pickleball to a playable state in the short term while the board plans the expense of a total resurface.

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