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    Patti RobertsonPatti Robertson


    When will key fobs be distributed? If a schedule is being posted, will it be posted at the Community Center or will residents get an email when their scheduled date for pick up will be? If the resident cannot pick up key fob during scheduled time, what is the alternative method to pick up key fob? Minutes were not up yet for April so I could not review if these issues were addressed then. Thank you.

    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    Hi Patti!

    We’re still working that out. Right now, there are supply chain issues that delayed our receipt of the fobs themselves. Once we have a timeline on when we will have them, we’ll work out distribution. Currently, the plan is to have a table setup at the community center opening weekend for the pool to do the distribution.

    If they cannot be picked up then, I plan to go door to door and hand deliver. (ouch!)

    Just a heads up on minutes, the minutes cannot be posted until they are approved, which happens at the following EECA meeting. May’s is tonight, so April’s minutes won’t be approved until tonight and can then be posted after they are amended (if needed) and then issued by Coral.


    Kelly GombertKelly Gombert

    Where and when will the key fobs be distributed? The FAQ just has dates. Is it at the pool or in the community room? Somewhere else? What hours? 8 to 5?

    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    We will be there during the same hours the pool is open. Which I now realize also isn’t posted anywhere. I will get that lack of information remedied. I know it opens at 9am. I’m not sure when it closes. It will be at the pool house.

    I will also be at the Community Center from 5-6 today.

    Katrina HicksKatrina Hicks

    I was unable to pick up my key fob during the scheduled times. Is there an alternative method for picking it up?
    Katrina Hicks

    karen Johnkaren John

    why can’t i download the isonas app? never got key original fobs for the pool

    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    Hi Karen,

    You can download the app in your phone’s app store.

    For Apple:

    For Android:

    Once installed, Coral will need to program it for you. You can contact them to request programming here:

    Contact Coral

    If you never received your original fob, it will be with the lifeguards at the pool. You can pick it up from them. If the lifeguards don’t have it, then it was picked up last year and perhaps misplaced. Replacement key fobs can be purchased from Coral by filling out the form here:

    Key Fob Request

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