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    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    So it looks like we’re paying on average 80.00 per month PER ENTRANCE for the sign lights.

    Aug20-Sept20, 11 Seiberling: 80.71
    Sept21-Oct19, 11 Seiberling: 80.44
    Nov18-Dec17, 11 Seiberling: 77.97

    Aug23-Spet21, 8392 Acadia: 86.95
    Sept22-Oct20, 8392 Acadia: 86.64

    Oct21-Nov18, 8400 Eaton: 90.74

    I’ve asked Coral to provide quotes for replacing these old lights with LEDs. 3k/yr for some landscape lighting is insane.

    Michael EspositoMichael Esposito

    At those rates we could to a major upgrade on lighting and be way ahead. Thanks for catching that Chris!


    I saw that on the budget and wondered what that included. $80 for what. I understand for the lighting the signs, but a monthly fee?

    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    That’s the monthly electric cost to power those lights.


    I think it might be worth it if we put a timer or sensor and which to a LED system. When I did a pay back analysis on the lights by the playground the payback period was like two to three years.


    What are the procedures to get this on next this month agenda?

    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    I’ve asked Coral to get quotes. The lights are already on daylight sensors, so they do not run 24×7. I’ll add to my list of things to have Coral put on the agenda. Hopefully we have quotes by then and can vote on action this month.

    Leo KipfstuhlLeo Kipfstuhl

    Can we look at a solar system like some the stop signs on Bedford road?

    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    That’s an interesting thought. I’m not sure how expensive that would be, but probably worth quoting.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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