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    Chris SatolaChris Satola

    At some point prior to my tenure, Rebecca mentioned electronic access controls for the Community Center and Pool. As the tech guy, I offered to help her get competitive quotes (and make sure it’s the valuable investment). This came up again in conversation about the pool contract and paying a person to sit at the gate and check passes. I’ve completed that R&D and am presenting it to y’all now.

    Quote 1: Radioactive Electronics – ~23k for the system itself, ~23k for 2300 Fobs (10.00 per fob) = ~46k pretax. Annual fee unknown
    Quote 2: US Communications – ~24k for the system itself, ~13k for 2300 Fobs (5.60 per fob) = ~37k pretax. Annual fee ~750.00

    – The physical key situation we currently use is quite insecure. The code for the key boxes don’t change, so every resident that has ever rented the community center can get the keys whenever they want. This solves that
    – Instead of paper laminated pool passes that are sent through snail mail each year and easily duplicatable, we give folks a pair of fobs that work “forever”. Plus no more “I didn’t get my passes in the mail” problems, or paying postage and printing fees each year to provide them.
    – Much easier to disable access when someone hasn’t paid their HOA dues
    – Access logs – Good for security and knowledge
    – Cloud based system. Whoever needs access to manage can have it
    – Fobs are less likely to be shared / given to friends than a laminated pool pass
    – Coral can give residents access to the community center for their rentals electronically for only the day / times they should have access

    – Cost. Fortunately, it’s mostly a one-time investment. But a hefty one.

    A few of my own thoughts on the matter:

    – If we did this, I would recommend that residents get their initial 2 fobs. If they lose them and need replacements, they should have to buy them. I recommend 10.00 to cover the fob and the time to program it into the system.
    – I think this is a good thing to do. Yes, it’s an investment (and I don’t want to be the brand new board guy trying to spend money right away), but I think it’s a significant improvement to the current state.

    I’m sharing this now with you in hopes we can debate it here and at the upcoming board meeting to either decide to move forward or decide we are not interested in pursuing it. If we are going to move forward, we should do so sooner than later so the work can all be done prior to the pool season and we have time to distribute the fobs.

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