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Chris SatolaChris Satola

Good morning. Feedback from Laura (& Jeff)…

First of all, thank you so much for all your effort! We know from experience this is a big project. 🙂
– page 3.
— Decks are listed, but not Pergolas or Gazebos. Pergolas and Gazebos – these are more likely to be approved by Sagamore Hills, so you might want to note that they should follow Sagamore Hills zoning regs. These I would think should get reviewed by ARC as well as sheds.
— The association/ARC used to do backyard walkthroughs. You may want to call this out as optional. Otherwise, you can’t see what is going on in a backyard unless the common area abutting to the property is walkable and the backyard is visible from there.
—How ARC members get selected should be spelled out. Article I has the board makeup, but not the selection process.
– Article II, Section 1. We have a satellite dish in the ground, next to the house. We switched services, and did not want another dish messing up our siding. My preference would be to allow this if it is within 2′ of the house.
– Article II, Section 2. Would be nice if there was no political signage or flags allowed outside of house/property. This last political season, there were actually swear words on a flag.
– Article II, Section 19. Surprised to see this does not include the current standard fixture. I would hate to see different fixtures on properties, as it would look disjointed (IMO of course).
– Article II, Section 18. So glad trees will now be required on tree lawns – it gets hot to walk otherwise in the summer!
– Specification 1. We would really like to see dark bronze aluminum included. That is our fence color and not something we can change. We also think most people with tan-brown color palates for their houses would prefer it. If it is not, there needs to be some kind of grandfathering. We’re not replacing it. 🙂 And painting it would defeat the purpose of aluminum and its practically zero maintenance. (It is fully permitted.)
– Specification III – Railings should include composite.
– Specification VI – seems like specific mention be made that rear additions to the house are ok, including an external door, as long as reviewed and permitted like any addition. The disclaimer should read “Sagamore Hills does not permit free standing sheds….” Same comment for Section 15 – this is not technically correct.
– Specification VII – example 9. Our steps are designed to be independent from the porch and have a gap. It actually annoys me, but was told that is normal and good design. Depending on weather, the gap size can vary.
– In general, we recommend that any additions that passed ARC and Sagamore Hills/Summit review in the past should be grandfathered. Those additions are expensive and difficult to remediate. That should be specified in the document.

Thank you for this feedback! I’ll go through it and add to the agenda to discuss with the rest of ARC.

Thank you for the opportunity to review the draft deed restrictions.

1. Pergolas and Gazebos are mentioned in the list of items to be discussed, but are never specifically addressed in the document. Is this because they fit the “definition” of a shed or outbuilding? Or, are they considered part of a deck? It is not clearly spelled out. Installation of pergolas and sheds should follow zoning laws if applicable and be reviewed for design by the ARC.
2. Section IV – mailboxes – under (D) ; typo…”while” should be “white”.
3. Is there any need to mention playground type items such as basketball hoops, trampolines and swing sets? I assume these are not restricted as they are found throughout the neighborhood.

Good catch on the Pergolas/Gazebos. I’ll address that.
Typo – fixed. I’ll fix that
Basketball Hoops/Swingsets/etc., are not regulated.